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burntstraw's Journal

Burnt Straw
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A Crane/Dent (Scarecrow/Two-Face) Community

Burnt Straw
Welcome to Burnt Straw, a community for the pairing Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) x Two-Face (Harvey Dent) from Batman. While not the most conventional of pairings, we hope you'll love it all the same C:

We do have a predisposition towards the Nolanverse, but any and all incarnations of Scarecrow and Two-Face are welcomed.
1. Leave your drama outside the comm! Flaming and harrassment are not allowed.
2. Stay on topic. (General posts including Scarecrow or Two-Face are welcomed.)
3. Keep all R or NC-17 related materials beneath an LJ-cut.
4. Keep art, fanfiction, and lengthy posts under an LJ-cut.
5. For icon posts, you can have three preview pictures outside an LJ-cut. Keep the rest of the icons under an LJ-cut or a link.
6. Include ratings on all your fic and art posts! Fic posts go by G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17; art posts can just use NSFW or SFW.
7. Warn about squicky material. (Yes, fluff counts for this.)
8. 18+ locks are disallowed. who cares
9. Properly tag your entries! (This is optional -- a mod will do it for you if you neglect to tag your entries. Still, show some courtesy.)

Two strike basis before bannination. Also, when the mod's on vacation/knows they'll be away from the computer for an extended period of time, the posts will be put on moderation.
An example of a posting format:


You are free to use your own posting format, as long as it includes a rating/warning if it's safe for work or not.
None yet

Affiliates are allowed to advertise<3 No more than once a month, please!
batfic100 - A Batman drabble challenge community
bjts_monthlyfic - A monthly challenge fanfic comm for TDK slash between Batman, Joker, Two-Face, and/or Scarecrow
knightfest - A Dark Knight ficathon community
nolanverse - A community for the Nolanverse
xgeliophobiax - Scarecrow/Joker pairing community

If you wish to affiliate, leave a comment here or PM andromedacblack.
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This community is in no way affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Brothers, or Batman, and does not own (nor claim to own) Batman.