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16 October 2008 @ 01:24 am
Title: Twice
Author: Terana
Rating: PG, PG-13?
Warnings: Brief description of eye-mutilation.

Written for nolanverse500, thought the folks here might like it too. I'm considering adding at least two more 'meetings,' when I have the time to write them.


They met, met properly for the first time in the patient library. Harvey -- officially, "Eric Dowd," some poor schlub who got caught in the explosion at Gotham General, who thought he was Harvey Dent, now (if he thought too long about the details of the coverup, his head started to hurt, honestly) -- picking through the meager collection of law books, didn't notice Crane until he spoke.

"Mr. Dent."

He looked up. And his hand tightened around his coin. Starting fights wasn't a good idea, starting fights got privileges taken away (even if it was the Joker -- even the doctors had understood that one, and looked apologetic as they told him It's the rules. We can't make any exceptions.) But... he let out a long, slow breath, and kept the silver dollar firmly in his grip.


The doctor smiled, faintly. Far away. Harvey would have thought it was whatever medication they had him on, but from what he understood, he was always like this. "'Crane.' So inimical, Mr. Dent."

"Give me two good reasons I shouldn't be."

Still smiling. "Because we're in the same boat, aren't we, counselor?"


"And we're in the same boat, too. Aren't we?"

Harvey scrambled to his feet, books forgotten in the sudden upwelling of oh God how does he know. He didn't hear Crane laughing as he fled, but it didn't matter.


They met, met properly for the first time during a riot, all the locks gone haywire and everyone happy to take advantage of the unexpected good fortune. (He found out later that it was Dr. Quinzel's doing, that she'd apparently been trying to break the Joker out. It was her life, he supposed.) He flipped scarred at the start of it, and scarred when he ran into the poor orderly who tried to stop him. He had him pinned against the wall, coin pressed against his eye socket, and the man's squirming was so distracting that he didn't notice Scarecrow until he spoke.

"He's afraid."

"Yeah." Two-Face pressed the coin deeper, listening to the grown man beg. "Hope it's not of the dark."

Scarecrow (even without his mask, there was no question) watched, delighted, as he drove down with the heel of his palm. And the orderly screamed.

"The other one," two voice demanded -- the beast inside his head, and the thin, pale man beside him. He scooped his coin out of the blood and jelly, wiping it on his uniform, and flipped.



"Then let me."


Scarred, now, and he ripped the man's ID tag, slippery with blood, off his scrubs and handed it over, moving back to watch. Neither of them made it out of the asylum before the police got things under control, but it didn't matter.
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terana on October 23rd, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you! This is the first fic I've written in... entirely too long. So it's really encouraging to hear someone liked it. XD

I fully intend to write at least the other two meetings (Harvey + Scarecrow, and Two-Face + Crane) someday, when school is less busy and RP is less distracting. (And possibly somewhere, something about Rachel, since... yes. Yow.) They really are one of those pairings, or just pairups, that seems just weird and cracky at first, but when you look closer at it, starts to get really interesting.

(And I've wanted to use the eye idea for a while. Hee.)
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